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Manufacturing capabilities that you can trust
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Manufacturing capabilities that you can trust

Since the early 1980’s, SMS Equipment has been assisting you to achieve your desired haul truck body life cycle and payload goals. SMS has manufactured and assembled rock, iron ore, oil sands, and coal bodies ranging from 120 ton to 400 ton payload.

Over the past 30 years, SMS Equipment has become very proficient at mastering the sensitive balance of duty cycle and payload. Having fabricated well over 500 truck bodies starting from high-grade abrasion resistant plate steel, our customers recognize SMS Equipment's expertise and not only purchase SMS fabricated replacement truck bodies, but also engage with us to remanufacture, and manufacture, their other branded bodies.

Customize your truck body with SMS Equipment

At SMS Equipment, we understand what you require and we work closely with you to design and fabricate a truck body that meets your payload requirements, while maximizing the usable life of the body.

 Designed, engineered, and fabricated in Canada by SMS Equipment
 Local support by SMS qualified and experienced personnel
 Custom design according to specific customer requirements
 Optimum engineering via state-of-the-art 3D design software and finite element analysis (FEA)
  Komatsu* approved for capacity, payload, balance, and safety

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Custom Truck Bodies
Custom Truck Bodies

Advantages of Custom Truck Bodies Through SMS Equipment

Increased Productivity

Custom Configuration: Designed to custom configuration to meet the customer’s requirements.
Increased Payload: Designed to maximize payload, depending on payload material density and overall dump body weight.
Reduced Carryback: Depending on the application, SMS has several design features that reduce dump body carryback. 

Less Downtime

Built to Spec: built to OEM approval to ensure truck durability and compliance.
Reduced Floor Wear: Depending on payload material abrasion properties, SMS has several proven design features that reduce dump body floor wear.
Engineered to Perform: Engineered and FEA tested to meet the customer’s expectations to perform.
Less loading wear and tear: Depending on payload material abrasion and impact properties, SMS has several proven design features that reduce dump body loading wear and tear.
Protecting your investment: SMS offers competitive dump body pricing and fast/convenient servicing to protect the customer’s investment.

Improved Safety

Full Compliance: Built to OEM specifications to ensure truck durability and compliance.
Canopy rock guards for cab and front deck and stairs.
Heated body exhaust designed to not obstruct the operator’s rear view in cold weather.

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